Fund Raising Goal

The estimated infrastructure construction cost would include 1420 sq. foot. Bathhouse $240,000; 580 sq. foot. Mechanical house $100,000; 190 sq. foot. Public Rest Rooms outside the pool area $55,000; Lap, Diving Pool w/Splash area $630,000. Pool Amenities $15,000; Water Play Elements w/mechanical $15,000; and Utility upgrades $15,000 equaling a subtotal of $1,160, 000.

Select demolition and site preparation is estimated at $60,000 and sod seed, and landscaping were estimated at a cost of $10,000. Pool amenities and Water Play elements are estimated at $50,000 each depending on what is placed in the pool area. There is also an option of night lighting.

Soft costs include permits, fees, shade, lounge chairs, furniture, professional fees including engineering, architectural as well as construction management and contingency. Total Probable Project Costs - Base is $1,150,000. Total Probable Project Costs - w/Options is $1,800,000. Installing the foundation for solar thermal heating of the water in the infrastructure will offer an option for alternative energy resulting in the possible savings of 1,500 gallons of propane each year.

PPP Swimming Pool 2014