Purpose Statement

Outdoor recreation, water safety, green space, healthy children and families are an integral part of a growing Parkers Prairie area community.

The City of Parkers Prairie maintains the present swimming pool in the city park which offers area residents and visitors in and around Parkers Prairie, a healthy, safe environment in which youth as well as adults, enjoy one of summers favorite activities, being in or near water.

With the deterioration of the present pool structurally and new health and safety requirements including ADA (American Disability Act), the pool, bath house and pump house will need to be replaced.


The PPPSP committee considered what would be the best direction to take to have a facility that would meet the requirements for safety, as well as recreation, with consideration for health and lower maintenance costs. With unsolicited funds from individuals as well as local organizations of $7,000, it was decided to grant $4,800 to the City of Parkers Prairie to have USAquatics do a consultation to determine what would be required to have a pool that would meet the government health and safety standards, ADA requirements, and lower maintenance costs.

The City decided to replace the pool. It will be rebuilt in it’s present location in the City Park. Plans were presented to the City Council and the one chosen would be cost efficient with a green filtering system, require less pumps and meet government safety requirements for bath house as well as the pools. A zero entry 1200 sq. foot pool going to a depth of three feet would adjoin a larger 3600 sq. foot pool that would go from a depth of three and a half feet to eleven feet that could accommodate a one meter diving board as well as an aquatic climbing wall and slide.

With the rise of childhood obesity and type two diabetes in our country we want to ensure that we do all we can to provide our community residents with healthy, safe spaces in which to be physically active.

It has been shown that communities throughout the U.S. have been able to measure a positive economic affect by developing and maintaining public parks. With the swimming pool located in the City Park, it has been able to attract and retain residents. With increasingly more people willing to commute to work, they are considering many factors when choosing where to live with their families. Parks and safe places to play are a factor that has an impact on families’ decisions of where to locate. When people choose to live in our community they become valued contributors to our tax base as well as customers at our local businesses. People selecting Parkers Prairie as a place to live increase our workforce, and helps us to be more attractive to those considering starting or expanding businesses locally.

Fund Raising Goals:

The estimated infrastructure construction cost would include 1420 sq. foot. Bathhouse $240,000; 580 sq. foot. Mechanical house $100,000; 190 sq. foot. Public Rest Rooms outside the pool area $55,000; Lap, Diving Pool w/Splash area $630,000. Pool Amenities $15,000; Water Play Elements w/mechanical $15,000; and Utility upgrades $15,000 equaling a subtotal of $1,160, 000.

Select demolition and site preparation is estimated at $60,000 and sod seed, and landscaping were estimated at a cost of $10,000. Pool amenities and Water Play elements are estimated at $50,000 each depending on what is placed in the pool area. There is also an option of night lighting.

Soft costs include permits, fees, shade, lounge chairs, furniture, professional fees including engineering, architectural as well as construction management and contingency. Total Probable Project Costs - Base is $1,150,000. Total Probable Project Costs - w/Options is $1,800,000. Installing the foundation for solar thermal heating of the water in the infrastructure will offer an option for alternative energy resulting in the possible savings of 1,500 gallons of propane each year.

Advisory & Steering Committees:

PPPSP Fund Advisory committee members include Sheryl Myers, chair; Roxanne Warren, treasurer; Kendra Koep, secretary; Dave Bunde, Judy Klein, and Dedra Zweig, directors with Brian Koehn City Council liaison.

The Steering committee members are Co-Chairs Jim Arvidson and Sheryl Myers, Rick Alton, Rod Helling, Judy Klein, Joe Klimek, Brian Koehn, Judy Moeller, and Gene Payne

PPP Swimming Pool 2014