The Plan

The present pool has endured longer than manysimilar pre-fab area pools installed in the sameperiod. Unfortunately, this pool no longer meets government safety standards, and maintenance has become more difficult as well as expensive, due to outdated parts or inability to replace what is needed to meet safety codes. It is our goal to ensure that the Parkers Prairie Public Swimming Pool will meet government safety standards as well as accessibility requirements.

City Pool_20100406_8456

The crumbling tiles along the edge of the pool were replaced with atemporary fix in 2012.

City Pool_20100406_8469

The other area of concern was the inability to get a reading from the four flow meters in the pump house that measure the speed of the water through the pipes. This had always been a problem, but with the Health Dept. now inspecting the pool on a regular basis, getting an accurate reading needed to addressed.

City Pool_20100406_8477
City Pool_20100406_8461

There is deterioration of the roofs of the bathhouse and pump house, rusted doors and concerns about cracks and pooling of water on the deck surrounding the pool.

PPP Swimming Pool 2014