Moving forward

The question presented to the Council was how much did they want to put into the pool and then have it closed by the Health Dept.?

Requirements to opening the pool weighed on two main problems. The red clay tiles that lined the edge of the pool had deteriorated, and over time, the tiles had popped loose or simply crumbled. Finding new tiles in the correct shape to replace them was impossible due to the fact they were obsolete. The other area of concern was the inability to get a reading from the four flow meters in the pump house that measure the speed of the water through the pipes. This had always been a problem, but with the Health Dept. now inspecting the pool on a regular basis, getting an accurate reading needed to addressed. Along with these two concerns, there had been deterioration of the roofs of the bathhouse and pump house, rusted doors and concerns about cracks and pooling of water on the deck surrounding the pool.

After comments and input from various community members stating the importance of the pool to the area and community, and after discussion by the council, it was determined that they would find a way to keep the pool open. A motion was then made to undertake the repairs needed to open the pool and meet the Health Department requirements. Another motion was made to create a pool committee to develop a game plan for the future of the pool and appointed Sheryl Myers as the head of the committee.

The City decided to replace the pool. It will be rebuilt in it’s present location in the City Park. Plans were presented to the City Council and the one chosen would be cost efficient with a green filtering system, require less pumps and meet government safety requirements for bath house as well as the pools. A zero entry 1200 sq. foot pool going to a depth of three feet would adjoin a larger 3600 sq. foot pool that would go from a depth of three and a half feet to eleven feet that could accommodate a one meter diving board as well as an aquatic climbing wall and slide.

PPP Swimming Pool 2014